Non-Surgical Penile (Shaft) Girth Enhancement with Dermal Filler

Non-Surgical Phalloplasty, penile (shaft) girth enhancement with dermal filler, is a cosmetic procedure to increase the size of the shaft of the penis. During the penis girth enhancement with filler treatment, the penis shaft girth is widened.

Benefits of Penile (Shaft) Girth Enhancement with Filler

What can penile shaft girth enhancement do for me?

Patients should have realistic expectations about penis shaft enlargement. Phalloplasty will increase the size of the penis but it will NOT make the penis twice the size. Our procedure increases shaft girth, not length. There have been thousands of satisfied patients with penis enlargement surgery.

As a leader in penis enlargement procedure, Men’s Contemporary Health Center uses the most advanced materials and techniques for penis enlargement currently available.

Where is the procedure performed?

At Men’s Contemporary Health Center, we specialize in non-surgical shaft girth enhancement for penis enlargement. This office-based procedure does not require penis enlargement surgery, and the phalloplasty we offer is far simpler and safer than it has been in the past.

What is the procedure to Increase Penis Shaft Girth?

Dr. Bloy and his nurse practitioners utilize a very safe and effective filler of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that produces excellent girth enhancement with physiologic resistance to external compression. The bio-elasticity of the material gives the penis a natural feel in both the flaccid and erect state. These patients have had safe and durable results with very satisfying cosmetic appearances.  This can even be used for girth enhancement in patients who have a penile implant in place. As a Board-Certified Physician and Surgeon who regularly performs procedures on men, he and his expert team have the expertise of anatomy and physiology of the body and genitalia.

Recent studies from the University of Texas have shown that 90% of male partners prefer an increase in penile girth (width) over an increase in length. In addition, clinical studies have shown that 85% of patients are completely or mostly satisfied with their results. 90% of patients report no filler loss after over 1 year. Most importantly, NO complications are common or noted.

How is the penile shaft girth enhancement with filler procedure done?

A penis shaft girth enhancement procedure should only be performed by highly skilled and certified medical professional under strict aseptic medical standards. We perform this procedure every week and even on some weekends. This is not something we rarely perform – we have the real experience it takes to be trusted providers. We even choose our providers to perform this treatment on ourselves and our family members.

Prior to commencing treatment, the patient’s medical history will be thoroughly reviewed in a consultation visit. Consultations can be live in person or via telemedicine for out of town patients. There is a fee for consultation of $150. This fee is to cover our provider evaluating you, learning your girth or penile goals, and individualizing a treatment plan for you. This consultation fee is entirely 100% refundable if you cancel your consultation 2 business days prior to your appointment time. And, if you choose to have your procedure with us, we apply the total consultation fee towards the cost of your procedure. But, there is NO obligation to choose us and NO pressure! 

Once the patient is deemed suitable for this procedure, the medical practitioner will make recommendations for treatment volume that will achieve the patient’s girth goals. We will provide a quote of the exact price of your procedure. There is never a commitment to choose treatment with us. We encourage men to choose the provider and practice that they feel a good communication with and confidence in because it is the family jewels you are talking about…

On the day of treatment, we will sanitize and locally anesthetize the penis using an RX anesthetic cream. Numbing takes around 1 hour. You will relax and recline comfortably.

We offer optional Nitronox “laughing” gas for a narcotic-free relaxation aid for those who prefer to increase their relaxation. With Nitronox, you won’t need a driver to take you home after your procedure. At Men’s CHC, we will ensure you are able to have a truly relaxing experience. Your penile girth enhancement will be done in a flash, exceed your expectations, and you will wish you had done it sooner!

Patients will be free of any pain and discomfort during the procedure. We do offer relaxing medication for those that are anxious and have a driver.

After we are certain you are fully numbed, the hyaluronic acid-based aesthetic filler is then inserted slowly, precisely, and evenly up, down, and around the shaft, just below the superficial layer of the dermis. Insertion is done with a cannula instead of a needle for even more comfort. The insertion procedure itself takes only 15-20 minutes.

This procedure immediately increases the girth of the shaft of the penis and may even increase the flaccid length minimally due to the newly bulging girth.

That is it. Now, you go home or back to your normal daily life. You only need to refrain from sexual activity while the filler settles (1 week). Before you know it, you will be busy enjoying your new thicker penis!

Most men love the results so much that they choose to top it off before the results diminish any. We recommend filling it up whenever you feel it is time or sometime around the 1 year mark. Refilling treatment often doesn’t require nearly as many syringes as your initial treatment due to the body and tissue’s response to the filler insertion.

And, some men are so blown away with their results they quickly decide to bump the girth up to the next level. We know you will love this procedure and we won’t be surprised to see you back for more. But rest assured, filler girth enhancement treatments are quite a long lasting option only surpassed by surgical, more unnatural feeling and risky, procedures.

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PRICING - ask us if there are specials available

What does penile enhancement with filler for girth treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary greatly depending on the individual’s needs and goals. Costs vary depending on the filler brand. Penile enhancement procedure packages and refill packages are available for maximum savings.

Restylane Defyne:

Juvederm XC Plus, Voluma XC, or other types in the Juvederm brand family of fillers:

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME AS A RESULT OF MANUFACTURER PRICE INCREASES. We will always discuss the exact procedure cost before performing any treatment.

*Add 3-4 cc of dermal PRP intra-dermal insertion to get the maximum tissue growth boost: additional cost of $650. This is not the same PRP procedure as the P -Shot for erectile function.

**Add the P-Shot, PRP penile function enhancing insertion for maximum erectile boost to pair with your increased girth: additional cost of $1900

***Ask us about a Glans Augmentation procedure to also increase your penis head/glans girth. Penile girth enhancement is specifically for the shaft of the penis. Glans Augmentation is a separate procedure with its own pricing. Glans Augmentation may be performed at the same visit for those that desire or may be performed at any time it is desired. 

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Let me just say that my experience from start to finish was amazing! Results are incredible! I went in for penile girth injections as well as a P-shot. I went in June and had 12 injections and went from 4" flacid girth to 5" flacid. And 5,5" erect to 6,5" erect girth. The procedure was virtually painless. Crystal and Dr Bloy are amazing! I loved it so much I wen back 3 months later for a second treatment. I got an additional 12injections and now I am 6,5" in girth flacid and 7.25" girth erect. It's so thick that I had request a XXL pump cylinder because I couldn't fit the XL anymore.. it hase beed a life changing experience taht I would recommend to anyone. My wife loves it! It took her a little to get used to it but it is absolutely worth it! Amazing Results!! Click here to check the real review at


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Meet Our Team

Richard L. Bloy


Dr. Bloy is a Board Certified, medical and experienced master cosmetic injector, male and female hormone and testosterone replacement expert, skilled surgeon, and weight loss physician. He is an educator and provides the first hand training and experience necessary for producing the very best medical provider team. With over 35 years of experience, and the know how gained, men are in good hands with Dr. Bloy and his entire team at Men’s Contemporary Health Center.  

Renuka Jackson


Nurse Practitioner. Renuka has 10 years of experience in the nursing field in areas such as testosterone pellet therapy, medical weight loss, gynecology, hormone therapy, aesthetic medicine, geriatrics, med-surgical medicine, and substance abuse. Also, Renuka has spent years gaining experience while working as a medical-surgical nurse at Gulf Coast Medical Center. During her years with Men’s Contemporary Health Center, she has become an expert in restorative medicine for men and women. 

Kelly Forte


Nurse Practitioner. Kelly has years of experience as a nurse practitioner. She has a passion for rejuvenating medicine and is enthusiastic about her work at Men’s Contemporary Health Center. Men and women can count on the quality of care and skill she brings to their treatments. 


The providers’ at Men’s Contemporary Health Center technique for penis widening utilizes the insertion of Hyaluronic Fillers like Juvederm XC Plus or Voluma XC, and Restylane Lyft, Contour, or Defyne procedure. Your provider will discuss the best and most ideal filler brand and type that he or she recommends to produce the best results based on your unique anatomy and goals. These are all high-tech fillers placed beneath the skin to increase the width of the penis. There are several advantages to the use of filler over other more invasive techniques. It is inserted through only a few insertion points, can be smoothed into place, and has a very high satisfaction rate.

Dr. Bloy has perfected this non-invasive procedure that can enhance the penile girth size and shape through non-invasive injections of fillers like Juvederm and Restylane and immediately increase the girth of the penis by 20-35%. These types of fillers are made from hyaluronic acid — a naturally-occurring sugar substance in the skin — which are safe and hold-water, plumping the treatment area for long-lasting enlargement and rejuvenation. This can also be combined with PRP dermal injections for maximized effect.

Most men can anticipate a gain of 20-35% depending on the number of syringes and other factors. The gain in girth depends on the amount of dermal filler placed in the penis, the patient’s length, and the patient’s current girth. No guarantees can be made regarding each man’s girth increase. This will vary based on varying factors like his total surface area at the outset, the number of syringes used, any excess skin and laxity, how the man’s metabolism processes the filler, and to what degree the filler stimulates the man’s own collagen, elastin and tissue production.

Most patients initial treatment requires 6 – 15 syringes, some prefer as many as 20 syringes, to achieve a confidence boosting, sexually desirable and an aesthetically pleasing result. Typical gain in girth with this technique and this number of syringes results in a 20-35% increase in circumference.

Penis shaft enhancement treatment is an outpatient procedure that usually takes about 1 hour. We inject the penis erect, and your erection may last up to 3 to 4 hours after the procedure. You may experience mild tenderness and insertion site redness or bruising for a few days or so. This is not something every man will notice much, but if you do, it will resolve naturally and quickly.

Medications are not necessary, but may be provided to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed, if they are nervous type.

The practitioner will see the patient for a follow up visit around 2 weeks following the procedure to ensure the patient’s goals are fully achieved. If the patient wishes to increase the girth even more, this can usually be done at the follow up appointment.

If you are traveling from out of town, we can conduct a virtual visit to assess the results without you making another trip, unless you wish to add more filler.

Think of this procedure like a “lunch time” penis shaft girth enhancement with immediate results. Men generally prefer to have this treatment after work and don’t need to take any time off of work. Daily activities and work may resume immediately after treatment. There is no downtime required.

Patients should avoid the gym and heavy exercise for 1 week following treatment. Sexual intercourse and masturbation may be resumed at 1 week.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

The residence time of the chosen dermal filler varies largely depending on brand chosen. The manufacturers claim that their fillers last for up to 12 – 24 months. We choose a high viscoelasticity property filler to provide longevity. It is very important to note that everyone’s body metabolizes soft tissue filler differently, depending on health, age, and lifestyle behaviors. The filler will gradually disintegrate into the surrounding tissues, resulting in gradual reversal of penile girth. Patients can opt for additional filler injections once the initial effects lessen.

After injection of HA filler, the human body makes micro-capsules (microfibrosis) around HA filler particles. That is the reason HA filler material maintains its volume within a couple of years and does NOT completely degrade after some initial volume decrease.


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